How does a deep understanding of the Chinese mindset add value to your China venture? By saving you precious time, money and goodwill. It’s that simple. Not easy, but simple: Organizations waste countless hours, dollars and relationships because they don’t take the time and effort to learn and master some basic skills.

I work with you to:

  • Get the lay of the land: How ready are you and your organization to operate in a Chinese cultural environment?
  • Find strengths: What do you already have that can be leveraged to build skills?
  • Do the work: Fill in the knowledge and skill gaps to save time and money.

Skill-building formats include:

  • Regular one-on-one executive coaching sessions
  • Cross-cultural team sessions
  • Mono-cultural team sessions
  • Group trainings
  • Relocation trainings for expatriating and inpatriating families

Each organization’s needs are unique. We’ll work together to tailor a program that fits your needs.

Please email me to set up a conversation. In the meantime, have a look at my blog for some thoughts on what it takes to succeed in China.