Below are talks I have given at various organizations.

Please email me if you’d like me to speak to your organization.

“Words Into Action: Walking the Talk.” 24 Jan. 2013. Deloitte China Annual Strategy Refresh Meeting, Hong Kong. Concrete steps for effectively implementing strategy.

“China No-Brainers: How Mindset Mismatches Cost Time and Money.” 30 Nov. 2012. American Chamber of Commerce in China, Beijing.

“A New Lens on Leadership: Study Abroad As Leadership Training.” 14 Nov. 2012. CIEE annual conference, Shanghai.

“Beyond Guanxi: A Goal-Centered Approach to Getting Things Done in China.” 10 Nov. 2012. 6th annual meeting of the China Teacher Consortium, Changsha, China.

“Mindset and Worldview: Reflections on How Place Shapes the Mind.” 8 Sept. 2012. 3rd China–U.S. Cultural Forum, Nanjing. Hosted by Jim Leach, Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities, and Cai Wu, Chinese Minister of Culture.

“A Linguistic and Cultural Perspective on Human Rights in China and the U.S.” 14 Mar. 2012. Hopkins–Nanjing Center, Nanjing.

“Pioneer Journeys: Why Alumni Matter.” 10 Dec. 2011. Beijing Temple Theater. Formal kickoff of partnership between 100,000 Strong and Project Pengyou. Selected co-speakers: Ambassador Gary Locke, Evan Osnos, Kaiser Kuo.

“Are These Truths Self-Evident? Mapping Chinese and American Mindsets.” 28 Nov. 2011. CIEE Nanjing University.

“Bridging the China–Western Divide.” 21 Sept. 2011. Panel sponsored by AFS, Beijing. Co-panelists: Dr. Zhang Xinsheng, Dr. Zhuang Enping.

“Mapping Chinese and American Mindsets: The Nitty-Gritty of Successful U.S.–China Partnerships.” 13 July 2011. Panel presentation at Johns Hopkins SAIS, Washington, D.C. Co-panelists: Dr. David M. Lampton, Dr. Carla Freeman, Selina Ho.

“What Does China Mean to Your Business?” 18 Nov. 2010. Philadelphia, PA. Panel presentation on adapting business to Chinese mindset.

“Accessing China’s Market.” 17 Nov. 2010. Washington State China Relations Council. Seattle, WA. Panel presentation on strategies for entering the China market.

“Leadership Challenges for the American in China.” 8 September 2010. Philadelphia, PA. Delivered to around 50 area businesspeople preparing to enter the China market, as part of a day-long event arranged by The China Business Network.

“The Whos, Hows and Whys of Business in China.” 5 March 2010. Philadelphia, PA. To prepare participants for an upcoming trade delegation to China. Co-sponsored by the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia and Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business.

“China in Our Future : Getting to Know the World’s Most Populous Nation.” 21 Feb. 2010. Stanford Club of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA. Topics: Addressing common concerns and questions about China’s emerging role in the world.

“Leadership in Cross-Cultural Perspective.” 22 Sep. 2009. Lecture to leadership course for professionals at Villanova University. Addressed differences between “Eastern” and “Western” leadership.

“Multiple Cultures: Challenges and Opportunities in a Cross-Generational 21st-Century Workplace.” 10 Sep. 2009. Aetna, Blue Bell, PA. Talk video-streamed live to Aetna employees worldwide. Topic: Increasing productivity in organizations by viewing generational groups as cultural groups and breaking down barriers. Analogies drawn to China–U.S. cultural issues.

“Culture in the Classroom: Making the Most of Our Differences.” 4 May 2009. School District of Philadelphia. Lecture to Chinese teachers in the public schools. Topic: how to understand American students’ thinking in order to improve teaching.

“Language Is the Key to Culture.” 4 May 2009. Widener University. Lecture to Widener faculty and students preparing for a trip to China.

“What is culture?” 30 Apr. 2009. University of Pennsylvania, Organizational Dynamics graduate program. Lecture to OD students preparing for a trip to China.

Invited workshop participant, Long Term Strategy Group. 17 Apr. 2009. Boston, MA. Participated in roundtable discussion with six other China experts from political science, political economy and history. Topic: How might the current worldwide economic climate impact the ability of the Chinese Communist Party to rule China?

“Are These Truths Self-Evident? Digging Deeper into Chinese and American Culture.” University of Pennsylvania, Organizational Dynamics dinner lecture series, 12 Feb. 2009. Topic: Scientific and anecdotal evidence for differences between Chinese and American culture.

“American Conceptions of Morality.” Capital Normal University, 22 March 2007. Topic: Relating conceptions of morality to finding purpose in work. Delivered to approximately 50 undergraduates training as volunteers for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

“Cultural Difference: What is it?” Beijing International Society, 21 Sept. 2006. Topic: Findings from psychology and linguistics on cultural differences between the U.S. and China.

“Living in China.” Third Annual Stanford-Siemens Workshop on Globalization. Beijing, P.R. China. 14 June 2006. Topic: The nature of cultural difference and its reflection in language. Delivered to approximately 80 people: Stanford students studying overseas, Stanford faculty, and Peking University students.

“Are These Truths Self-Evident? Human rights in cross-linguistic and cross-cultural perspective.” Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing, P.R. China. 14 Dec. 2005. Delivered to approximately 100 students at the university.

“A Cognitive Linguistics Perspective on Human Rights.” Peking University, Beijing, P.R. China. 14 Nov. 2005. Delivered at a weekly gathering of linguists sponsored by the PKU English Department.

“Understanding the U.S. to Understand China.” Peking University, Beijing, P.R. China. 16 May 2005. Delivered to a group of visiting business students from the U. of Michigan.