If you are doing business in or with China, you should be reading the Jason Patent blog.

— Dan Harris, China Law Blog

Superior leadership and informed, real-world guidance are required now more than ever to help organizations intelligently leverage the myriad opportunities represented by the Chinese market. Jason is simply one of — if not the — best when it comes to guiding westerners through the Chinese cultural minefield.

— Ben Tse, Chief Operating Officer, China Prime

In preparation for an extended trip to China (Hong Kong, Beijing, and Chongqing), three of Widener’s senior executives spent a day with Jason Patent, trying to understand more about the language and culture, history, expectations and relationships of the Chinese. WOW! What valuable time spent! Jason carefully considered our situational context as members of a university community working to promote exchanges of faculty and students in both teaching and research initiatives. Jason quickly helped us to understand the nuances of language and tones, matters of historical impact on the psyche of the Chinese, and the overall warmth and goodwill of the Chinese people. We took his lessons throughout our daily interactions with the Chinese and throughout our brief travels to historic sites, adding his framework to our reflections on our experiences. I would highly recommend that any travelers to China spend some quality time with Jason. He is a master teacher, flexible and ready to adjust to a range of experiences from international travelers, good-humored, bright, and open to questions — truly a delightful learning experience.

— Dr. Jo Allen, Senior Vice President and Provost, Widener University

I invited Jason to deliver lectures on Chinese mindset and other China-related topics for Russian entrepreneurs and business executives in April 2011. A born educator, Jason brought to the classroom his exceptional academic background along with 20+ years of China-related experience, giving the participants profound insight into and understanding of fundamental questions in cognitive science related to cross-cultural communication and its practical business implications. Meanwhile, it was an unmatched pleasure working with Jason during the curriculum design process. He is an open minded, genuine and generous person eager to consider other people’s needs and to work together to find the best possible solutions. I am honored to recommend Jason as an outstanding researcher and educator with deep understanding of China’s cultural challenges and strong passion for bridging the gap between China and the West.

— Fedor Ovchinnikov, Owner, Center for Intercultural Communication, LLC

In February 2009, Jason Patent, PhD delivered a lecture to the University of Pennsylvania Organizational Dynamics graduate studies community as part of our invited Dinner Lecture Series. His presentation, “Are These Truths Self-Evident? Digging Deeper into Chinese and American Culture,” described perspectives of Chinese and American culture that few consider. In addition to his deep knowledge and experience, Dr. Patent brought a highly engaging tone and an open, empathetic ear that allowed him to connect well with the audience. The result was a conversation that was creative, innovative, and which stimulated continued discussion among faculty, students, and administrators in the weeks that followed.

Few consultants have the vital mix of knowledge, language ability, first-hand experience, and practical bent possessed by Dr. Patent. I strongly recommend any organization planning to or currently operating in China to contact him for advice and support.

— Larry M. Starr, PhD, Director/Chair of Graduate Studies, Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania

I run a summer language and leadership program in Beijing for young people, mostly from the U.S. Each year, after three weeks of intensive language study and visits to historic sites, the kids move to a remote location for the final week. There, they are paired with Chinese roommates of similar ages from all over China. In years past, what has happened has been, to put it mildly, challenging. While the Chinese and American kids did end up learning a lot from each other, there was a lot about the cross-cultural interactions that wasn’t nice. I hired Jason to bring his expertise in intercultural consulting, along with his near-native Mandarin skills, to facilitate greater understanding between the Chinese and American kids.

What Jason accomplished that week far surpassed my expectations. After only four days the cross-cultural relationships were transformed from confusion and angst to genuine appreciation and friendship. I am thrilled that these kids now have tools that they will use for the rest of their lives, and I hope more people will invest in intercultural consulting for the good of their organizations and of the world.

— Bonnie Liao, Director, Yinghua Summer Language and Leadership Institute

In May of 2009, Dr. Patent delivered a presentation to School District of Philadelphia teachers and staff involved in a project to establish Mandarin Chinese language programs. The presentation, “Culture in the Classroom: Making the Most of Our Differences,” provided research-based conclusions on the ways in which individual perceptions, approaches to problem-solving, communication styles and group dynamics could be influenced by one’s cultural background. The talk was particularly instructive given the different ways in which learning and education are conceptualized and carried out differently in China and the United States. The findings presented by Dr. Patent and the discussion that followed were enlightening.

Dr. Patent was very professional, punctual and courteous, and knowledgeable about the subject. Workshop participants were very engaged and asked follow-up questions, often sharing their personal experiences. Dr. Patent was very measured and thoughtful in his responses to teachers. Dr. Patent also demonstrated strong command of Mandarin Chinese, which put teachers at ease. The workshop offered a valuable perspective on cross-cultural communication.

— Tamala Montgomery, Department of Multilingual Education, The School District of Philadelphia